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Safeway KA Runway Deicing Fluid

Safeway® KA Runway Deicing Fluid is 50% potassium acetate by weight. This liquid deicer with corrosion inhibitors is designed for airport applications where extremely low operating temperatures are experienced. Safeway® KA Runway Deicing Fluid meets the stringent requirements of AMS 1435.

Customer Testimonial:

"Due to our size, we still employ the use of salt; however, we also use a potassium acetate based product named KA Deicer which we purchase from The Blackfoot Company. We have found this product highly effective and now use it exclusively on all our employee parking lots and several of our specialized test facilities. In our experience, we've found, when applied properly, this product eliminates the need for use of any other type of de-icing materials. It not only acts as a deicer, it also leaves a residue that acts as an anti-icer, preventing future precipitation from bonding to road and sidewalk surfaces speeding up clean-up."

— John Baltrus
Maintenance General Supervisor
Buildings & Roads
GM Worldwide Facilities Group

The primary purpose of chemical deicing is not to melt surface ice, but rather to diffuse down through the snow and ice to break the bond between frozen precipitation and the runway. (typical use: 1 gal./1000 sq.ft.)

The most cost effective way to utilize runway deicing fluid is by preventing frozen precipitation from sticking. (typical use: 0.4 gal./1000 sq.ft.)

When using solid deicer, such as Safeway SF, better melting efficiency and adhesion occurs with liquid prewetting. (typical use: 70 parts solid to 30 parts liquid)

Standard liquid spraying units can be used. Check with equipment manufacturer for exact recommendations.

Storage and Handling
Storage tanks are recommended to be of stainless steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastic or mild steel coated with protective liner. Clean and inspect equipment before and after the winter season.


  • Active at sub-zero temperature (freeze pt. -75°F)
  • Extended airport operation
  • Improved safety during weather event
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sprayable liquid for ease of application
  • Moderate pH range (9.3-10.3)

Safety and Environment
Tests show Safeway® KA Runway Deicing Fluid is readily biodegradable with low COD/BOD and aquatic toxicity. Always read and understand Material Safety Data Sheet before using the product.

Available in 1 gal., 5 gal, 55 gal., 263 gal. disposable totes, and bulk tankers.

Appearance Blue*, mobile liquid, free from suspended matter

Freeze Point (ASTM D1177) Lower than -75°F (-60°C)

Specific Gravity 1.265-1.285 @ 60°F

Pounds per Gallon, Typical 10.63

pH 9.3-10.3

Viscosity 20cP @ 32°F (0°C)

Flash Point (CC) Nonflammable

Solubility in Water Complete

Biodegradability >90%

*Clear upon customer request

Safeway - The Science of Deicing
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