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Sierra Antifreeze/CoolantSierra Antifreeze/Coolant is "The Safer Antifreeze"

- Helps protect against freeze-ups
- Helps prevent engine corrosion
- Made with safer propylene glycol
- Helps prevent accidental poisoning of pets

Performance Characteristics:

SIERRA Antifreeze/Coolant demonstrates outstanding corrosion prevention performance in all standard industry tests. Meets all the requirements of ASTM D 5216 (Propylene Glycol Based Engine Coolant) and the corrosion prevention requirements of ASTM D 3306, ASTM d 4985, GM 1899, and GM 1825 including ASTM D 1384 (Glassware Corrosion), ASTM D 4340 (Hot Surface Aluminum Corrosion), ASTM D 2570 (Simulated Service) and ASTM D 2809 (Cavitation Erosion Corrosion - Aluminum Pumps).

SIERRA Antifreeze provides outstanding protection against boil-overs and freeze-up damage.

Sierra Antifreeze Water Protects Against Freeze-Ups Down To Protects Against Boil-Overs Up To*
50% 50% -26F 256F
60% 40% -54F 261F
66% 34% -76F 262F
*Closed System; 15 psi cap

Safety and Toxicity Information:

SIERRA Antifreeze is formulated with propylene glycol rather than conventional ethylene glycol — the base used for traditional antifreeze. While attaining performance characteristics comparable to ethylene glycol based antifreeze, SIERRA Antifreeze provides additional benefits. SIERRA Antifreeze's propylene glycol formula is less toxic and therefore safer than ethylene glycol coolants. This provides safety to children, pets, and animals in the environment exposed to antifreeze leakage. Moreover, SIERRA Antifreeze's less toxic base remains safer even after use in your engine.

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